No Time For Exercise…Try This….

Before go further, make sure you answered this question first..Do you have a commitment to try it?

It’s only take  20 minutes a days  but  it can be broken down any way you need it throughout the day.

# Step 1

Try walking, biking or skating to work. If this takes longer than your usual commute, plan ahead: Pack your briefcase and lay out your clothes the night before. Remember to have an extra set of clothes at work for a quick after-commute change, if necessary.

# Step 2

If an alternate commute is impossible, get off the bus a little earlier and walk the rest of the way, park at the far end of the lot or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

# Step 3

Make use of your lunch break. Play a quick game of racquetball, make a speedy gym visit, go for a jog or take a brisk walk (use some light hand weights for a bonus workout).

# Step 4

Stretch at your desk. This reduces muscle tension, gets your circulation moving and prepares you for more strenuous activity later.

# Step 5

Do some chores. Mow the lawn or rake the leaves for 20 minutes. Housework burns calories, and you have to get the work done anyway.

# Step 6

Play games with your kids. Shoot some hoops, play some hopscotch or toss a ball.


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